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Good Morning, Class of ‘64
Country Schoolhouse, 1879 - Morgan Weistling -

In the fall of 1954, we began our third grade year. For those of us who were schooled in the big white school house in town, with the long sidewalk that lead from one set of steep steps to another set of steep steps, it was our last year to play in the huge playground out front. It would be the first time in our growing years that we would be the "big kids on the block". 

Entering through the double doors of the building and walking down the hallway, that seemed such a long distance back then, we would no longer make a sharp turn to the left. Our classroom was straight ahead. The goal for our third grade year would be earning the privilege to make a sharp turn to the right when another school year began.


Jan 4th - Elvis Presley records a 10 minute demo in Nashville
Jan 8th - Elvis Presley pays $4 to a Memphis studio & records his 1st two songs, "Casual Love" & "I'll Never Stand in Your Way"
Jan 13th - Military rule in Egypt; 318 Muslim Brotherhood members arrested
Jan 17th - Jacques Cousteau's 1st network telecast airs on "Omnibus" (CBS)
Jan 20th - The National Negro Network is established with 40 charter member radio stations.
Jan 21st - USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, launched on the Thames, Connecticut.
Jan 26th - Ground breaking begins on Disneyland

Feb 1st - 1st TV soap opera "Secret Storm" premieres
Feb 2nd - Pres Eisenhower reports detonation of 1st H-bomb (done in 1952)
Feb 10th - Eisenhower warns against US intervention in Vietnam
Feb 23rd - 1st mass inoculation with Salk vaccine (Pittsburgh)

Mar 1st - 4 Puerto Ricans open fire in US house of reps injuring 5 reps
Mar 4th - Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, announces the first successful kidney transplant.
Mar 20th - 1st newspaper vending machine used (Columbia Pennsylvania)
Mar 22nd - 1st shopping mall opened in Southfield, Mich
Mar 31st - US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs Colo, established

Apr 5th - Elvis Presley records his debut single, "That's All Right"
Apr 7th - Pres Eisenhower fears "domino-effect" in Indo-China
Apr 12th - Bill Haley & Comets records "Rock Around Clock"
Apr 12th - Joe Turner releases "Shake, Rattle & Roll"

Apr 21st - USAF flies French battalion to Vietnam
Apr 22nd - Senate Army-McCarthy televised hearings began
Apr 25th - Bell labs announces 1st solar battery (NYC)

May 7th - French surrender to Vietminh after 55-day siege at Dien Bien Phu
May 17th - Supreme Court unanimously rules on Brown v Topeka Board of Education reversed 1896 "separate but equal" Plessy Vs Ferguson decision
May 19th - Postmaster General Summerfield approves CIA mail-opening project
May 20th - Chiang Kai-shek becomes president of Nationalist China

May 29th - First of the annual Bilderberg conferences.

Jun 4th - France grants Vietnam independence inside French Union
Jun 14th - Pres Eisenhower signs order adding words "under God" to the Pledge
Jun 15th - Great Britain's 2 biggest steel factory nationalized

Jun 27th - 1st atomic power station opens (Obninsk, near Moscow, Russia)
Jun 27th - CIA-sponsored rebels overthrow elected government of Guatemala

Jul 3rd - Food rationing ends in Britain
Jul 4th - Dr Sam Sheppard's wife Marilyn is murdered (he is accused of crime)
Jul 11th - 1st White Citizens Council organizes in Indianola, Miss
Jul 12th - Pres Eisenhower put forward a plan for an interstate highway system
Jul 20th - Armistice for Indo-China signed, Vietnam separates into North & South

Aug 16th - "Sports Illustrated" magazine begins publishing
Aug 24th - Eisenhower signs Communist Control Act, outlawing the Communist Party
Aug 31st - Census Bureau forms
Sep 6th - US plane shot down above Siberia
Sep 7th - Integration begins in Wash DC & Balt MD public schools
Sep 11th - 1st Miss America TV broadcast
Sep 27th - Steve Allen's "Tonight Show" premieres

Oct 3rd - "Father Knows Best" premieres
Oct 26th - Chevrolet unveils V-8 engine
Oct 26th - Walt Disney's 1st television program, "Disneyland," premieres on ABC

Oct 29th - Colonel Nasser disbands Moslem Brotherhood
Oct 30th - US Defense Department announces elimination of all racially segregated regiments
Nov 2nd - JS Thurmond is 1st senator elected by write-in vote (SC)
Nov 10th - Iwo Jima Memorial (servicemen raising US flag) dedicated in Arlington
Nov 22nd - Humane Society forms
Nov 24th - Air Force One, 1st US Presidential airplane, christened

Dec 4th - The first Burger King is opened in Miami, Florida, USA
Dec 23rd - The first human kidney transplant is performed by Dr. Joseph E. Murray at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

John Foster Dulles served as U.S. Secretary of State under Republican President Dwight D. Eisenhower from 1953 to 1959. He was a significant figure in the early Cold War era, advocating an aggressive stance against communism throughout the world. 

Our capacity to retaliate must be, and is, massive in order to deter all forms of aggression.

John Foster Dulles

The ability to get to the verge without getting into the war is the necessary art. If you try to run away from it, if you are scared to go to the brink, you are lost.

John Foster Dulles

Once - many, many years ago - I thought I made a wrong decision. Of course, it turned out that I had been right all along. But I was wrong to have thought that I was wrong.

John Foster Dulles


How well do you know the year 1964?

 "Hey Kids, What time is it?"
  It's Howdy Doody time!

 "Melts in your mouth, not in your hands"

"You don't understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I am."
  Marlon Brando, in 'On The Waterfront.'

"Winston tastes good like a cigarette should"
  Winston Cigarettes


Yearly Inflation Rate USA 0.32%
Yearly Inflation Rate UK 1.9%

Average Cost of new house $10.250.00 
Cost of a gallon of Gas 22 cents 
Average Cost of a new car $1,700.00 
Average Monthly Rent $85.00 
Movie Ticket 70 cents 
Life Magazine 20 cents 
The Dow Jones recovers back 
to pre Wall Street Crash highs of 381.17

Matchbox Cars
 Lincoln Logs
 thin wooden wiffle bat invented
 to go with 1953's wiffle ball 












Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
Barn Raising Dance
The screenplay, by Albert Hackett, Frances Goodrich, and Dorothy Kingsley, is based on the short story "The Sobbin' Women", by Stephen Vincent Benét. 


November 21, 1953 - January 1, 1954:
Rags To Riches - Tony Bennett
January 2 - February 26:
Oh My Papa - Eddie Fisher
February 27 - March 12:
Secret Love - Doris Day
March 13 - March 19:
Make Love To Me - Jo Stafford
March 20 - March 26:
Secret Love - Doris Day 
March 27 - April 9:
Make Love To Me - Jo Stafford
April 10 - May 28:
Wanted - Perry Como
May 29 - August 6:
Little Things Mean A Lot - Kitty Kallen
August 7 - September 24:
Sh - Boom - Crew - Cuts
September 25 - November 5:
Hey There - Rosemary Clooney
November 6 - November 12:
This Ole House - Rosemary Clooney
November 13 - December 3:
I Need You Now - Eddie Fisher
December 4, 1954 - January 21, 1955:
Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes

Mr. Sandman
Reached #1 on the Billboard United States charts
  In the US, where all versions were combined, 
the song also reached #1 on Cash Box magazine charts
Mr. Sandman - The Chordettes - 1954 


1/19    Bimbo                                        Jim Reeves

2/20    Slowly                                        Webb Pierce

2/20    Wake Up, Irene                           Hank Thompson 

5/15    I Really Don't Want to Know         Eddy Arnold   

6/12    (Oh Baby Mine) I Get So Lonely    Johnnie & Jack

6/19    I Don't Hurt Anymore                   Hank Snow (The Singing Ranger)
Reeves' version became his second No. 1 song
 on the Billboard magazine country chart 
in January 1954
Bimbo - Jim Reeves - 1954

World Series Champions: New York Giants
NFL Champions: Cleveland Browns
NBA Champions: Minneapolis Lakers
Stanley Cup Champs: Detroit Red Wings
U.S. Open Golf Ed Furgol
U.S. Tennis: (Men/Ladies) E. Victor Seixas, Jr./Doris Hart
Wimbledon (Men/Women): Jaroslav Drobny/Maureen Connolly
NCAA Football Champions: Ohio State & UCLA
NCAA Basketball Champions: La Salle
Kentucky Derby: Determine
World Cup (Soccer): West Germany

1. I Love Lucy (CBS)
2. The Jackie Gleason Show ((CBS)
3. Dragnet (NBC)
4. You Bet Your Life (NBC)
5. The Toast of the Town (CBS)
6. Disneyland (ABC)
7. The Jack Benny Show (CBS)
8. The George Gobel Show (NBC)
9. Ford Theatre (NBC)
10. December Bride (CBS)

Father Knows Best: Bud the Millionaire


1954 cookbook “Ann Pillsbury’s New Cook Book“; prize winning recipes from Pillsbury’s Bake Off

Crusty Chicken Casserole
Junior Winner in Pillsbury’s 5th Grand national Recipe and Baking Contest by Miss Virginia Maxwell, Gazelle, California

Bake at 350 for 55 to 60 minutes. Serves 6.

Prepare 1 cooked stewing chicken by boning and cutting into bite-sized pieces.  Arrange in well-greased 12x8x2 inch pan.

Sift together 1 ½ cups sifted all purpose enriched flour, 1 ½ teaspoon double acting baking powder, 1 teaspoons salt and ½ teaspoon poultry seasoning.

Beat 4 eggs until light and fluffy. Add 1 ½ cups milk and 3 tablespoons melted chicken fat or butter.

Mix well.

Gradually add the dry ingredients. Beat with rotary beater only until smooth and well blended. Pour over chicken in pan. Sprinkle lightly with pepper.

Bake in moderate oven (350F) 55 to 60 minutes until golden brown and puffy. 

Serve immediately with hot giblet sauce.

Two ways to look at it!

Youth is a circumstance you can't do anything about. The trick is to grow up without getting old.

Frank Lloyd Wright


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