Monday, May 12, 2014


Good Morning, Class of '64

Starry, Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh
“I never really thought about how when 
I look at the moon it's the same moon 
as Shakespeare and Marie Antoinette and 
George Washington and Cleopatra looked at.”
  Susan Beth Pfeffer

   Life As We Knew It
“I just want you to know that I love you 
with everything I am—a million times a million 
and to the moon and back.”
Laura Miller
 My Butterfly 

“Tell me the story..
About how the sun loved the moon so much..
That she died every night..
Just to let him breathe...”
  Hanako Ishii
Blue Night Moon - Ashleigh Dyan Bayer
 Elinor Wylie
Once upon a time I heard
That the flying moon was a Phoenix bird;
Thus she sails through windy skies,
Thus in the willow's arms she lies;
Turn to the East or turn to the West
In many trees she makes her nest.
When she's but a pearly thread
Look among birch leaves overhead;
When she dies in yellow smoke
Look in a thunder-smitten oak;
But in May when the moon is full,
Bright as water and white as wool,
Look for her where she loves to be,
Asleep in a high magnolia tree.
Moonlight Sonata - Mark Keathley -

Over the mountains it late arrives,
In crescent, half or full,
Darkened or shining on our lives
As when we were in school.

Old moon, the companion of our nights,
You followed to our door
Then watched as we turned out the lights
 And dreamed then dreamed some more

Of future days and the brilliant things
We'd do when time was ours.
Life sometimes hums, sometimes it sings,
Sunshine follows showers

Old Moon, remain firmly in your space
Doing what old moons do.
We'll be accepting of our place
And thankful for it, too.
You're the Reason
Number four on the Country singles chart
and number eleven on the Pop singles chart.

Bobby Edwards - 1961
(You're the reason I don't sleep at night)
I just lay here at night
Toss and I turn
Loving you so
How my heart yearns
You're the reason I don't sleep at night
(Don't sleep at night)
Those Oldies But Goodies
(Remind Me of You)
The group's first and biggest hit.
It was #9 on the Pop chart and #28 on R&B.
Little Caesar & The Romans - 1961
Those oldies but goodies reminds me of you.
The songs of the past bring back memories of you.
Forever they will haunt me, but what can I do.
Please Love Me Forever
Number 12 on the Billboard pop chart
Cathy Jean and the Roommates - 1961
Please love me forever
Don't forget me ever
Just listen to my plea
Please don't stop loving me
You're in my dreams nightly
Don't take my love lightly
Begging on bended knee
Please don't stop loving me

 There's A Moon Out Tonight - 1961
record hit the charts in the first week of 1961, 
and stayed there for 14 weeks. 
When it stopped climbing the charts, 
it had peaked at #3.
The group named themselves 
after the 1957 Lincoln Capri. 
The Capris
There's a (moon out tonight
whoa-oh-oh ooh
Let's go strollin'
There's a (girl in my heart) 

whoa-oh-oh ooh
Whose heart I've stolen
There's a moon out tonight 

(whoa-oh-oh ooh)
Let's go strollin' through the park 


 A Little Bit of Soap
The song has been a bigger hit outside the US.
Reached #12 in the US.
The Jarmels - 1961

A little bit of soap
Will wash away your lipstick on my face
But a little bit of soap
Will never, never, never ever erase
The pain in my heart and my eyes
As I go through the lonely years
A little bit of soap
Will never wash away my tears

Hello, Walls
Reached #1 on the country chart and #12 pop.
Introduced Willie Nelson, who wrote the song,
to a national audience. The record spent
23 weeks on the chart.
Faron Young - 1961

Hello walls (hello hello) 
how things go for you today
Don't you miss her 

since she upped and walked away

And I'll bet you dread to spend 
another lonely night with me
But lonely walls I'll keep you company

Hello window (hello hello) 
well I see that you're still here
Aren't you lonely 

since our darling disappeared

Well look here is that a teardrop 
in the corner of your pane
Now don't you try to tell me that it's rain

She went away and left us 
all alone the way she planned
Yes we'll have to learn to get along

 without her if we can

Hello ceiling (hello hello) 
I'm gonna stare at you a while
You know I can't sleep 

so won't you bear with me awhile

We must all stick together 
or else I'll lose my mind
I've got a feeling she'll be gone

 a long long time 
(hello hello)
“The moon is friend for the lonesome to talk to.”
Carl Sandburg
A Moonlight Lane - John Atkinson Grimshaw
White in the Moon the Long Road Lies
A. E. Housman
White in the moon the long road lies,
The moon stands blank above;
White in the moon the long road lies
That leads me from my love.
Still hangs the hedge without a gust,
Still, still the shadows stay:
My feet upon the moonlit dust
Pursue the ceaseless way.
The world is round, so travellers tell,
And straight though reach the track,
Trudge on, trudge on, 'twill all be well,
The way will guide one back.
But ere the circle homeward hies
Far, far must it remove:
White in the moon the long road lies
That leads me from my love.

Starry Night Over the Rhone - Vincent Van Gogh


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