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Good Morning, Class of '64
Woodland Encounter - Jack Pulah -

Another Day with Larry

Arrowheads and Flints

 photo 1ArrowheadsTu-Endie-WeiStateParkPointPleasantWVarrowheadstuendieweiwvjpgAAA_zpsca580727.jpg
From Tu-Endie-Wei State Park Point Pleasant, WV
I have always been fascinated by the arrowheads and pieces of flint we found in the fields on the farm. I thought it was incredible to look at an arrowhead and think that an individual had actually made and used it as much as two hundred years ago. I later discovered from archeology books that some of the arrowheads were actually closer to two thousand years old.

 photo 1SenecaRockPendletonWestVirginia15AuthenticArtifactsArrowheadsjpgAAA_zpsae50f12a.jpg
From Seneca Rocks, Pendleton County, WV
We found most of them while cultivating and hoeing corn, but they could be spotted in almost any tilled ground. Walking through a tilled field after a rain brought especially good results.

 photo 1excavationblockjpgGreenBankWestVirginia_zps0f631965.jpg
Excavation, Green Bank, West Virginia

It’s sad that this land will probably never be plowed again - the only arrowheads or flints that will ever be found again would have to result from a deliberate excavation.

 photo 1Brewerton-eared-notched_zpsa76ecbc5.jpg
Stone Age Spear and Arrow Points

A man named Edwin Scott from Norton, West Virginia, was a serious arrowhead collector. He had hundreds, perhaps thousands. He was talking about them while visiting my Uncle Bob one time. Uncle Bob said that there were no arrowheads anywhere on his farm. A little later, Edwin said that he was going to go out and pick up an arrowhead. Uncle Bob scoffed at him, but he found one less than 100 feet from the house.

 photo 1flintknapping_zps5988fac0.jpg
We know so little of the peoples who have lived on this continent. We really don’t know much about the tribes who were living here when the first Europeans arrived. And we know much less about the tribes that preceded them. Yet they were individuals, men, women, and children, who lived, loved, laughed, hurt, grieved, feared, and died, just as we do. It’s a shame we do not understand them better.

Two Tribes of the Eastern Woodlands

Eastern Woodland Village - David R. Wagner

Learn the Tribes of the 
Eastern Woodlands Song

 photo arrowpartsjpgAAA_zps30390cb4.jpg
Arrowhead Collection Ray Wyatt
Indian Arrowheads

 photo 2grouparrowheadsjpgaaa_zpsf11594ef.jpg
Arrowhead Collection - Janet Smart - WV
  Indian Arrowheads Spark My Imagination
Janet Smart - Writing in the Blackberry Patch

Prehistory of West Virginia

West Virginia Archeology
The West Virginia Encyclopedia

 photo 1Cotiga_1_copyp_standard_zps8aa9de9c.jpg
Cotiga Mound Excavation
Cotiga Mound
A prehistoric burial mound located
near the Tug Fork in Mingo County.
It was lost to the construction of
Appalachian Corridor G, U.S. 119.

 photo 1TheCrielMoundinSouthCharlestonWestVirginia_zps40622ebf.jpg
The Criel Mound, South Charleston, West Virginia

 photo 11024px-Grave_Creek_Mound_zpsb24b31fc.jpg
Grave Creek Mound, Moundsville, West Virginia

Grave Creek Mound
Moundsville, West Virginia

Grave Creek Mound
Archaeological Complex
Moundsville, West Virginia
Part I

Grave Creek Mound
Archaeological Complex
Moundsville, West Virginia
Part II

 photo 1AINSTINCTIVEAIMJACKPALUH_zps12daeb93.jpg
Instinctive Aim - Jack Paluh

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