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Good Morning, Class of '64

Television Families from the 
Fifties and Early Sixties

Part Three

Leave it to Beaver

1957 - 1963

The Cleaver Family

Hugh Beaumont - Ward Cleaver
Hugh Beaumont appeared in several movies but 
is best known for his portrayal of Ward Cleaver 
on the television series Leave It to Beaver.
He was also a licensed Methodist preacher,
and wrote and directed several episodes of
Leave it to Beaver.

Barbara Billingsley - June Cleaver
Barbara Billingsley appeared in many movies and television shows, 
but is best remembered for her role of The Beaver's mother, June Cleaver.
She was often seen doing household chores wearing pearls and earrings. 
The pearls, she said, were to hide a "hollow" in her neck.

Tony Dow - Wally Cleaver
Tony Dow is best known for his role of The Beaver's brother, Wally, on 
Leave it to Beaver. He has also been a producer, director, writer and sculptor.
In his youth he was a Junior Olympics diving champion. In 1987 he was given the 
Former Child Star "Lifetime Achievement" Award for his role as Wally Cleaver 
by the Young Artist Foundation.

Jerry Mathers - Theodore "The Beaver" Cleaver
Jerry Mathers is best known for his role as Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver
in the television sitcom series Leave It to Beaver. He began his career as
a child model at two years old and later starred in TV commercials and
appeared in movies.
He appeared in all Leave it to Beaver episodes and
he was the first child actor to get a percentage of the merchandising
revenue from a television show. The Leave It to Beaver show still
generates merchandise revenue today. 
While he was still in high school,
Mathers joined the Air Force Reserve, and appeared as a presenter at the
1967 Emmy Awards ceremony in his dress uniform. 
In 1996 Mathers
was diagnosed with diabetes and lost 40 pounds in a weight loss
program with Jenny Craig. He later became their first male spokesman.
The Cleaver Family
The Cleaver Home on Pine Street in Mayfield

Jerry Mathers
Tony Dow
 Leave It to Beaver is a television comedy about a boy named Theodore
"The Beaver" Cleaver and his adventures. The writers of the show used characters, plots, and dialogue inspired from the lives of their own children.
It's one of the first primetime sitcom series written from a child's point of view.

The show debuted on CBS the same day the Soviets launched Sputnik, on October 4, 1957. It later moved to ABC and completed its television run of 234 episodes on June 20, 1963. In 2007 it was placed on TIME magazine's unranked list of "The 100 Best TV Shows of all-time". The original sitcom has been shown in over 80 countries in 40 languages.

A telemovie, Still the Beaver, was made in 1983. The film followed Beaver as an adult and his struggle to reconcile his recent divorce and single parenthood. This led to a new, made-for-cable series, The New Leave It to Beaver that ran from 1984 to 1989. The older Leave it to Beaver series was syndicated in the late 1960s and currently airs on TV Land.

  • The show received two Emmy nominations in 1958 for Best New Program Series of the Year and Best Teleplay Writing—Half Hour or Less (Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher) for the premiere episode, "Beaver Gets 'Spelled".
  • In 1984, Jerry Mathers was awarded the Young Artist's Former Child Star Special Award
  • In 1987, Ken Osmond and Tony Dow were both honored with the Young Artist's Former Child Star Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Leave It to Beaver placed on Time's "The 100 Best TV Shows of All-Time" list.
  • Bravo ranked Beaver 74th on their list of the 100 greatest TV characters. 

Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow 
were the first non-athletes 
on a box of 
Kellogg's Corn Flakes.

Interview with Jerry Mathers:
The first Leave it to Beaver 
episode was banned from TV

Beaver and Gilbert Go for a Car Ride

Beaver Gets Stuck in the Soup

6 Things You Didn't Know 
  1. Another reason for the pearls?
  2. Beaver turned down by the Marines?
  3. Eddie gets shot?
  4. Mr. Cleaver resented the show?
  5. No acting experience?
  6. Lumpy a ladies man?
Leave it to Beaver Quotes:

 Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: Do you really like me, Wally?
Wally Cleaver: I guess so.
Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: Do you like me a whole lot?
Wally Cleaver: Look, don't get sloppy on me. I might just slug you one. 

Wally Cleaver: Boy, Beaver, wait'll the guys find out you were hanging around with a girl. They'll really give you the business.
Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: But gee, Wally, you hang around with girls and the guys don't give you the business.
Wally Cleaver: Well, that's because I'm in high school. You can do a lot of stuff in high school without getting the business. 

June Cleaver: Wally, where are you going?
Wally Cleaver: I'm going over to slug Eddie.
June Cleaver: That's no way to talk, this is Sunday.
Wally Cleaver: You're right, I'll wait 'til tomorrow and slug him in the cafeteria. 

 Ward Cleaver: How'd the fishing go Beav?
Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: Great Dad. We didn't catch any fish, but Larry and I saw a man slip on a wet rock and heard everything he said. 

Ward Cleaver: Beaver, you know what Larry was doing was wrong. You could have stopped him.
Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: Gee, Dad, I have enough trouble keeping myself good without keeping all the other kids good.

 Wally Cleaver: Did Dad hit ya?
Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: No.
Wally Cleaver: Did he yell at ya?
Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: No.
Wally Cleaver: Then why ya cryin'?
Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver: Sometimes things get so messed up, crying is the only thing you can do.




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