Monday, April 18, 2016


TVHS Class of 1964 52nd Class Reunion

"Ain't it aggervatin, girls, hafin to wait s'long to sidown with onother?"
August 20, 2016

Duke’s Steakhouse
219/250 South
Beverly Pike
Elkins, WV 26241

Baked Steak
Baked Chicken
Mashed Potatoes

Lord a'mercy! It's so excitin' I'm dang near fillin' my bloomers!
$20.25 per Person
(Tip not included)

Please RSVP by August 10, 2016
304 338 2615
304 636 2784

...Purt near there. Jist over yonder a ways!

Old Folks 
Kenny Rogers
"Old Folks"
From his multi-platinum selling 
1979 album "Kenny"
" Everybody knows him as "Old Folks"
Like the seasons he comes and he goes
Just as free as a bird and as good as his word
That's why we all love him so.

Always leaving his spoon in his coffee
Tucks his napkin up under his chin
And that old corn cob pipe
Well, It's so mellow it's ripe
But still you're not ashamed of him.

Every Friday he goes fishing
Down by the lake
But he only caught a perch or two,
a whale got away
Guess, I'd better warm the stew.

Someday there's gonna be no more "Old Folks"
What a lonesome old town this would be
Children's voices at play
Will be still for a day
The day they take "Old Folks" away... "
Bless all yore liddle ole iddy-biddy hearts. Shore did miss y'all last year. Doncha be piddlin' 'round home this time, ya hear?
Never too old to kick up a ruckus!

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