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Good Morning, Class of '64

TV Families from the 
Fifties and Early Sixties

Part Four

(Jean Hagen as Danny's wife for
the first three years of the show) 

(Marjorie Lord as Danny's wife 
for the remainder of the show's run)
Make Room For Daddy
(The Danny Thomas Show)
  Danny Thomas’ line of work forced him to travel 
for long periods of time. His wife often asked one 
of the children to sleep with her, taking turns as the 
nights passed. When Danny came home she’d say, 
“Ok, make room for Daddy.”  
The idea for his sitcom was born.

Danny Williams, a successful comedian and nightclub
entertainer tries to balance his family and career.
The series ran for a total of 351 episodes until its
demise in 1964. It has the distinction of being the 
first show to spawn a successful sitcom spin-off - 
The Andy Griffith Show. 
 Me-TV has been airing the show since Labor Day 2012.
In 2014, the series is being aired by Cozi TV.

Danny Thomas - Danny Williams
His career spanned five decades, but he is probably
best known for starring in the television sitcom
Make Room for Daddy 
(also known as The Danny Thomas Show). 
He is also the founder of 
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 
In 1990, Danny Thomas was inducted into the 
Television Hall of Fame.
Marjorie Lord - Kathy Williams

Rusty Hamer - Rusty Williams

Sherry Jackson - Terry Williams 

Angela Cartwright - Linda Williams
Hans Conried - Uncle Tonoose
Uncle Tonoose

Make Room for Daddy
Rusty Looking for a Job

Make Room For Daddy
Season 1 Episode 1
Released: 1/1/53

The Danny Thomas Show
launched one of the most popular
television shows of all time:
The Andy Griffith Show
"Danny Meets Andy Griffith"
Season 7 Episode 20

Annette Sings 
to Danny Thomas

Danny Thomas
FIRST spit-take

What's My Line?
Danny Thomas
 Mystery Guest

TV Guide


All of us are born for a reason, 
but all of us don’t discover why. 
Success in life has nothing to do 
with what you gain in life or 
accomplish for yourself. 
It’s what you do for others.
Danny Thomas

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