Friday, February 28, 2014



It's February 28th. Hooray for the end of February! It's also Friday, the end of the week. During our school days in the valley, Friday was an early dismissal day. Maybe we had big plans for the weekend, or maybe there were no plans at all. When it was basketball season, Friday nights would have been game night. On Saturday mornings or afternoons, there might have been a trip to town with a stop at a local eatery on the way back home. Saturday night was movie night, and a special person might have come knocking at the door. You could have been the one doing the knocking. Those weekend days live in the mist of memory: They were so long ago and so far away.

The Four Lads - Long Ago And Far Away
Long Ago and Far Away was sung by Rita Hayworth to Gene Kelly in the 1944 movie Cover Girl. It became a hit song for several artists that year. There have been many, many recordings of Long Ago and Far Away. The Four Lads recorded it in 1958.

If you're curious, this is the original - the movie version:
If you're still curious, this is Jo Stafford's version, one of the best. (IMO)
Chills run up and down my spine, Aladdin's lamp is mine
The dream I dreamed was not denied me
Just one look and then I knew
That all I longed for long ago was you 

 Little Richard - Keep A Knockin'
Recorded in 1957
Little Richard has been inducted 
into the Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame.
(Listening to Little Richard 
and Keep a Knockin'
will make your blood flow a little faster.)
A rock song doesn't have to make sense 
if it's loud, fast and you can dance 
(like a maniac) to it.
What do you think?  

Woooooooo! You said you love me and you can't come in,
Come back tomorrow night and try it again...



Thursday, February 27, 2014



This morning, a mild wind is stirring and some snowflakes are flitting about. With a 17° temperature reading that will only make it's way to 21°, today, it's hardly time to get out the mower and barbecue. Winter's grip has tightened, this week, not wanting to turn us loose. But turn us loose! Turn us loose, we say!

Turn Me Loose (Fabian Forte)
Fabian's first hit record
reached number nine on the 
Billboard Hot 100 chart in 1959.
(Fabian Forte - Nice looking face, 
but he couldn't sing worth a darn! 
The lyrics stink, too.
He was never a favorite.
What do you think?)


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


In 1958, we would have turned twelve or were almost ready to turn twelve years old. We had one year of the preteen years left before we became teenagers. Our interest in popular music of the fifties was probably growing and got peaked by teenagers we knew who listened to it. American Bandstand might have been the first program turned to when teenage family members came through the door, after a day at school. Was there disappointment at not being able to watch that cowboy show on the other channel?  With only one television in the household, the most powerful wrist in the room won the twist of the knob.   

Do you remember this haunting tune?
Endless Sleep, by Jody Reynolds, who wrote and recorded the song, is said to be the first of the teen tragedy songs (or "death rock ballads"). While later tragedy songs ended in someone's death, the victim in Endless Sleep is rescued. In the original written version, the victim dies, but, in 1958, the record company insisted on a happy ending. 

reached #5 in the 
U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart 
 on July 7, 1958
Charted at #5 on Billboard Hot 100 in May 1958
 and #5 on the R&B chart.

Did you know who he was?
 I don't remember if I knew who Hank Williams, Jr. was, in 1964, but he recorded Endless Sleep and sang it on the television program Shindig. I do remember trying to watch Shindig on a fuzzy TV screen with sound that hissed and scratched. Maybe that's how I missed Hank Williams, Jr.

  Hank Williams Jr - Endless Sleep (Shindig 1964)

reached #46 on Billboard's Hot Country Singles chart in 1964

Wednesday is our Poll Day! 

So, which version of Endless Sleep 
would you rather listen to.
You'll find the poll in the sidebar, to the right.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


  Snow is back on the roof, this morning, and the temperature stands at 22°. We could go as high as 29° before the day is over. We're looking forward to 32°, on Friday. Still cold, but we'll be a few days closer to spring.
 On cold days at home, in the fifties, as little girls we might have taken out a book of paper dolls and snipped away an afternoon or evening. Remember the frustration when the snip wasn't as straight as you wanted it, and you cut into the paper doll or it's paper clothing. Remember the disappointment at snipping off a tag that held the paper fashion to the paper doll but still trying to make it work? At one place or another, it would be hanging too loosely for satisfaction. Even when the snipping turned out perfectly, the tags on the paper clothing hardly ever kept the paper fashions in place - unlike the magnetic dolls with clothing that were in my granddaughter's toy box, years later.
 Betsy McCall Paper Dolls Early Fifties
a free paper doll toy published in McCall Magazine beginning in the Fifties

Paper Dolls (brief history)

Printable Paper Dolls on Pinterest

Monday, February 24, 2014



This week begins with a morning temperature of 24°, and we're expected to climb all the way to 30°, today. The rest of the week looks much the same in our neck of the woods. For Tuesday and Wednesday, snowflakes are pictured on the desktop weather forecast. Last week's warmer temperatures were just a teaser. Winter isn't finished with us, yet. 

Would we have still been in basketball season in those long ago February days, in the valley? Do you remember "Tygarts Valley Bulldogs, Fight, Fight, Fight!" Every game was a big event. The bleachers would be full. The band would be playing, and the crowd would be cheering the team to victory. 

Do you remember the bulldog mascot that gave us all such pride to wear? What happened to that bulldog?

 When did he become a menacing beast with fierce fangs for teeth? 
When did the spiked collar appear on his neck? 
 How long has his tongue hung from his mouth like a crazed animal ready to devour it's prey, to lap up all flesh from the bone until there's nothing left - but bone.

When did evil creep into his eyes with a crimped angry brow half hiding them? 
Where has our tough, but amiable bulldog gone? A quick search found only a couple that might be a loose comparison in appearance to the bulldogs from the fifties and early sixties, at TVHS. One is clipart, and the other belongs to a basketball program in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
As a last resort, take matters into your own hands and learn to draw your own.

Bobby Rydell - Wild One
(an older Bobby Rydell singing Wild One)
Bobby Rydell "The Wild One"  PBS
Released in 1960 and charted at number two on the Billboard Hot 100, 
number ten on the R&B chart

I have had playmates, I have had companions; In my days of childhood, in my joyful school days - All, all are gone, the old familiar faces.
Charles Lamb

In school, I could hear the leaves rustle and go on a journey.
 Clint Eastwood

Sunday, February 23, 2014


On Saturday, February 22, 2014, a meeting was held at the Valley Head Community Center, in Valley Head, WV, to discuss plans for the TVHS Class of 1964's 50th Class Reunion. The decision was made to hold the event at the Dailey Fire Hall. Reasons for this decision were accessibility for less mobile attendees, the maneuverability of the large space inside the building, proximity to local motels and eating establishments, and the fact that it's location is in the vicinity served by Tygarts Valley High School.
The committee will meet again at 3:00 PM, Saturday, March 1, 2014, at C&J's, in Valley Bend, WV. Editing and approval of the outgoing registration letter to all 1964 graduates informing them of the Class of 1964's 50th Class Reunion plans is the purpose of the meeting.

Anybody interested in helping plan the Class of 1964's 50th Class Reunion is welcome to attend. 

Attending the meeting, in Valley Head, were Judy (Ware) Primavera, Bob Tacy, George Coussoule, Janet (Kittle) McCloud, Gary and Carolyn (Corley) Channell, and Fred and Patricia (McCauley) Ware.



Our guest writer is back this morning but with a name, this time. Three of you guessed correctly (please let us know if you would care to have your name published so your classmates will know who you are) and will receive a special gift from the writer at 1964's 50th Class Reunion. He's happy to be visiting with all of you, here, but hopes to greet you personally, in early August. 

I Was Born 
by Larry See

I was born October 24,1945, at home in my parents’ bedroom. When Mom discovered that she was pregnant with me, a world war was raging in Europe and the Pacific with no end in sight. There were shortages of many consumer goods and rationing of many staples. 

The Great Depression had not eased on West Virginia small farms so money was in very short supply. It didn’t seem like a good time to bring a baby into the world.It was a tough year on the farm. A late freeze destroyed much of the garden and crops. Two brood sows died along with their litters of pigs - food for the family and a small amount of cash income. It was frightening and discouraging.
 I was a change-of-life baby, a surprise. My siblings were 18, 16, and 13 years older than me. I am blessed. Many change-of-life babies are resented by their parents. I was loved by them all, probably too much as I was badly spoiled.
Snowy Cabin - Vicky Wade

 During her pregnancy, Mom’s biggest concern was baby clothes for me. She hadn’t expected to need them again so she had given all her baby clothes away. It was a problem - a new born baby, going into winter in a house with no insulation and leaky doors and windows, the “central” heat  a wood burning stove in the living room, and a very windy, cold winter coming. There was no fabric in the stores to make the clothes, and no money to buy it if it had been available.
George Bellows
Aunt Fanny (Old Lady in Black) 1920
Aunt Maud, Dad’s older sister, somehow found 2 or 3 yards of outing, a cotton flannel. She traded it to Mom for a couple of butchered chickens. My guess is that Aunt Maud got the fabric on the black market.
Mother and Child by the Hearth
Theodore Robinson
I heard Mom tell that story at least 10 times. It was that important to her. With a world war raging on two fronts, with farm losses making it possible that the family would run out of food that winter, with her pregnant at 38 years of age, and with another mouth to feed and a new baby to care for, her biggest concern was clothes to keep me warm. God picked a great time, place, and family for my entrance into this world. I was born rich!
Baby Mine - Disney's Original
"Baby Mine" is a song from the 
1941 Disney film Dumbo -
nominated for an Academy Award 
for Best Original Song at the 1941 Oscars
(This is years before our time, 
but Baby Mine has been recorded
many times through the years.)

released in February 1960
peaked at number eight on 
the Billboard Hot 100 chart
 When the evening shadows fall
and the lovely day is through
Then with longing I recall
the years I spent with you

Mama, I miss the days
when you were near to guide me
Mama, those happy days
when you were here beside me

Safe in the glow of your love
Sent from the heavens above
Nothing can ever replace
The warmth of your tender embrace

Oh, Mama, until the day
that we're together once more
I'll live in these memories
Until the day that we're together once more

The Carter Family: Will the Circle Be Unbroken
 Produced for Nashville Public Television
and broadcast nationally on 
PBS's American Experience
 Johnny, June & John Carter Cash - 
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
"Will The Circle Be Unbroken"

I was standing by my window
On one cold and cloudy day
And I saw the hearse come rolling
For to carry my mother away

Can the circle be unbroken
Bye and bye, Lord, bye and bye
There's a better home a-waiting
In the sky, Lord, in the sky

Oh, I told the undertaker
Undertaker, please drive slow
For this body you are hauling
How I hate to see her go

Can the circle be unbroken
Bye and bye, Lord, bye and bye
There's a better home a-waiting
In the sky, Lord, in the sky

I followed close beside her
Tried to hold up and be brave
But I could not hide my sorrow
When they laid her in the grave

Can the circle be unbroken
Bye and bye, Lord, bye and bye
There's a better home a-waiting
In the sky, Lord, in the sky

We'll be publishing Aunt Maud's (Black Market Maud) candy recipe, soon. If you have a favorite family recipe, from years gone by, pass it along in an email you'll find in the sidebar, to the right. Let us know the origin and history of your recipe. We hope to receive lots of fine old recipes!

Saturday, February 22, 2014



It's 1951, and we're growing like weeds! We're already four years old or soon will be. Daddy's Little Girls or Daddy's Little Men are riding tricycles or pulling wagons.

 We might have traveled to the beach or the big city or at least to Grandma's house. We like to swing. We like ice cream. We like dolls and cars that go zoom!

We venture outside without Mother and give her a scare more than once. We like playing with the big kids, but they don't like it much. 

Maybe we know our colors. Maybe we can count to ten. Maybe we know the capital of the United States of America. Some of us might even have been there.

On farms in the valley, in the little towns up and down the river, we're running barefoot in the summer and building snowmen in winter snow. 

We know so many things, already, and learn more and more things everyday. We're naughty. We're nice. We're copycats. We're inventive. The valley is "growing us up".


Historical Events for Year 1951
 Jan 9th - Life After Tomorrow, 1st film to receive an "X" rating, premieres
Jan 10th - 1st jet passenger trip made
Jan 10th - UN headquarters opens in Manhattan NY
Jan 15th - Supreme Court rule "clear & present danger" of incitement to riot is not protected speech & can be a cause for arrest
Jan 29th - Liz Taylor's 1st divorce (Conrad Hilton Jr)
Feb 1st - 1st telecast of atomic explosion
Feb 1st - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
Feb 16th - NYC passes bill prohibiting racism in city-assisted housing
Feb 25th - 1st Pan American Games opens (Buenos Aires Argentina)
Feb 26th - Bread rationing in Czechoslovakia
Feb 27th - 22nd amendment ratified, limiting president to 2 terms
Mar 13th - Israel demands DM 6.2 billion compensation from Germany
Mar 21st - 2,900,000 US soldiers in Korea
Mar 21st - Julius & Ethel Rosenberg convicted of espionage
Apr 5th - Julius & Ethel Rosenberg, atomic spies, sentenced to death
Apr 11th - Pres Harry Truman fires Gen Douglas McArthur
Apr 12th - Israeli Knesset officially designated April 13 as Holocaust Day
Apr 19th - Gen Douglas MacArthur ends his military career
Apr 22nd - Ticker-tape parade for General MacArthur in NYC
May 8th - Dacron men's suits introduced
May 11th - Jay Forrester patents computer core memory
May 15th - AT&T is 1st US company to have one million stockholders
May 24th - Racial segregation in Wash DC restaurants ruled illegal
May 29th - 1st North Pole flight in single engine plane-CF Blair
Jun 11th - NY Times reports the NYC subway will auction off things found
Jun 14th - 1st commercial computer, UNIVAC 1, enters service at Census Bureau
Jun 18th - De Gaulle wins French parliamentary election
Jun 25th - 1st color TV broadcast-CBS' Arthur Godfrey from NYC to 4 cities
Jun 28th - "Amos 'n' Andy" premieres on CBS TV
Jun 30th - NAACP begins attack on school segregation & discrimination
Jul 9th - Pres Harry Truman asked Congress to formally end state of war with Germany
Jul 10th - Armistice talks to end Korean conflict began at Kaesong
Jul 12th - Mob tries to keep black family from moving into all-white Cicero Ill
Jul 31st - Japan Airlines is established.
Aug 31st - 1st 33 1/3 album introduced in Dusseldorf
Sep 1st - PM Ben-Gurion orders establishment of Israeli secret service Mossad
Sep 4th - 1st transcontinental TV broadcast, by Pres Harry Truman
Sep 9th - 1st broadcast of "Love of Life" on CBS-TV
Sep 19th - 1st broadcast of "Search for Tomorrow" on CBS-TV
Sep 20th - 1st North Pole jet crossing
Sep 26th - Prof Youngblood demonstrates artificial heart in Paris
Oct 14th - Organization of Central American States forms
Oct 15th - "I Love Lucy" debuts on CBS TV
Oct 15th - Mexican chemist Luis E. Miramontes synthesized the first oral contraceptive
Oct 26th - Winston Churchill re-elected British Prime Minister
Nov 10th - 1st long distance telephone call without operator assistance
Nov 27th - 1st rocket to intercept an airplane, White Sands, NM
Nov 27th - Cease-fire & demarcation zone accord signed in Panmunjon Korea
Nov 29th - 1st underground atomic explosion, Frenchman Flat Nevada
Dec 5th - "Dragnet" premieres
Dec 12th - Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement
Dec 31st - 1st battery to convert radioactive energy to electrical announced 

   Douglas MacArthur Tribute - Old Soldiers Never Die (1951)

MacArthur(1977) Part 1
Gregory Peck as a General Douglas MacArthur

Gene Autry - Old Soldiers Never Die - 1951

 Time Magazine's Man of the Year
Mohammed Mossadegh
Prime Minister of Iran from 1951 until 1953

  • First oral contraceptive (the Pill) invented by Luis E. Miramontes
  • Direct dial coast-to-coast telephone service begins in the United States.
  • First Color Television Pictures broadcast from Empire State Building
  • The term Rock N Roll is coined by Cleveland Disc Jockey Alan Freed
  • The Dennis the Menace comic strip appears in newspapers across the U.S. for the first time.
  • Swanson introduces beef, chicken, turkey pot pies
  • The first Jack-in-the-Box opens in San Diego 
  • A Crosley automobile with a steering wheel on the right side became the first such vehicle placed in service for mail delivery - in Cincinnati, Ohio. 
  • Super glue invented.
  • Power steering invented by Francis W. Davis.
  • Charles Ginsburg invented the first video tape recorder (VTR).
Born This Year 
  • Sally Ride 
  • Sting             
  • Michael Keaton
  • Robin Williams 
  • Phil Collins
  • Jesse Ventura
  • Bob Geldof          
  • Phil Collins          
  • Jane Seymour    
  • Nick Saban
  • Kirstie Alley
  • Kurt Russell 
  • Mark Harmon
  • Dale Earnhardt



USA Car Spotters Guide - 1951





Vintage 1951 Fashion Clothes



Yearly Inflation Rate USA 7.88%
Yearly Inflation Rate UK 9.5%
 Average Prices in 1951
Car: $1,800
House: $16,000
Gas: $0.27
Bread: $0.16
Gallon of Milk: $0.92
Stamp: 3 cents
Average wages per year                     $3,510.00  
Average Cost of a new car                  $1,500.00 
LB of Hamburger Meat                        50 cents 
Bacon per LB                                      52 cents 
Eggs per dozen                                   24 cents  
Water Jacket Heater ( Asbestos )       $4.59
Baby Diapers ( Cotton )                       From $2.79 
Children's Tricycle From                     $14.00 

1951 Most Popular TV shows:
1. Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts (CBS)
2. Texaco Star Theater (NBC)
3. I Love Lucy (CBS)
4. The Red Skelton Show (NBC)
5. The Colgate Comedy Hour (NBC)
6. Arthur Godfrey and his Friends (CBS)
7. Fireside Theater (NBC)
8. Your Show of Shows (NBC)
9. The Jack Benny Show (CBS)
10. You Bet Your Life (NBC)

Groucho Marx 1951 You Bet Your Life Part 1


 The Songs from 1951 

1 Nat King Cole Too Young
2 Tony Bennett Because Of You
3 Les Paul and Mary Ford How High The Moon
4 Rosemary Clooney Come On-a My House
5 Mario Lanza Be My Love
6 Weavers On Top Of Old Smoky
7 Tony Bennett Cold, Cold Heart
8 Perry Como If
9 Mario Lanza Loveliest Night Of The Year
10 Patti Page Tennessee Waltz
11 Frankie Laine Jezebel
12 Tony Martin I Get Ideas
13 Les Paul and Mary Ford Mockin' Bird Hill
14 Patti Page Mockin' Bird Hill
15 Guy Mitchell and Mitch Miller My Heart Cries For You
16 Eddy Howard (It's No) Sin
17 Vaughn Monroe Sound Off
18 Dinah Shore Sweet Violets
19 Les Paul and Mary Ford The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise
20 Guy Mitchell and Mitch Miller My Truly, Truly Fair
21 Four Aces and Al Alberta (It's No) Sin
22 Debbie Reynolds and Carleton Carpenter Aba Daba Honeymoon
23 Frankie Laine Rose, Rose I Love You
24 Del Wood Down Yonder
25 Billy Eckstine I Apologize
26 Patti Page Would I Love You
27 Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters You're Just In Love
28 Ames Brothers and Les Brown Undecided
29 Phil Harris The Thing
30 Les Baxter Because Of You


Mockin' Bird Hill ~ Patti Page


"Too Young" Nat King Cole


1951 in country music

Number one hits     (As certified by Billboard magazine)
January 6 - "I Love You a Thousand Ways" - Lefty Frizzell
January 6 - "The Golden Rocket" - Hank Snow and His Rainbow Ranch Boys
January 13 - "The Shotgun Boogie" - Tennessee Ernie Ford
February 10 - "There's Been a Change in Me" - Eddy Arnold
March 31 - "The Rhumba Boogie" - Hank Snow and His Rainbow Ranch Boys
May 12 - "Cold Cold Heart" - Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
May 19 - "Kentucky Waltz" - Eddy Arnold
May 26 - "I Want to Be With You Always" - Lefty Frizzell
July 14 - "I Wanna Play House With You" - Eddy Arnold
August 11 - "Hey, Good Lookin'" - Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys
September 1 - "Always Late with Your Kisses" - Lefty Frizzell
November 3 - "Slow Poke" - Pee Wee King and His Golden West Cowboys (feat. Redd Stewart)
December 22 - "Let Old Mother Nature Have Her Way" - Carl Smith

Other major hits
US Single Artist
3 Alabama Jubilee Red Foley
5 Beautiful Brown Eyes Jimmy Wakely and the Les Baxter Chorus
9 Blue Christmas Ernest Tubb
4 Bluebird Island Hank Snow and Anita Carter
7 Cherokee Boogie (Eh-Oh-Aleena) Moon Mullican
8 Chew Tobacco Rag Zeb Turner
4 Crazy Heart Hank Williams
5 Cryin' Heart Blues Johnnie & Jack
8 Dear John Hank Williams
9 Don't Stay Too Long Ernest Tubb
2 Down the Trail of Achin' Hearts Hank Snow and Anita Carter
5 Down Yonder Del Wood
7 Driftwood On the River Ernest Tubb
5 Heart Strings Eddy Arnold
6 Hey La La Ernest Tubb
8 Hobo Boogie Red Foley
5 Hot Rod Race Arkie Shibley
7 Hot Rod Race Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan
7 Hot Rod Race Red Foley
7 Hot Rod Race Tiny Hill
3 Howlin' at the Moon Hank Williams
2 I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You) Hank Williams
5 I Don't Want to Be Free Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely
8 I Love You a Thousand Ways Hawkshaw Hawkins
10 I'll Sail My Ship Alone Tiny Hill
8 I'm Waiting Just for You Hawkshaw Hawkins
8 If Teardrops Were Pennies Carl Smith
8 It Is No Secret Stuart Hamblen
9 Lonesome Whistle Hank Williams
4 Look What Thoughts Will Do Lefty Frizzell
8 May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You Eddy Arnold
3 Mockin' Bird Hill The Pinetoppers
7 Mockin' Bird Hill Les Paul and Mary Ford
2 Mom and Dad's Waltz Lefty Frizzell
2 Mr. and Mississippi Tennessee Ernie Ford
4 Mr. Moon Carl Smith
6 My Heart Cries for You Evelyn Knight and Red Foley
7 My Heart Cries for You Jimmy Wakely
9 Old Soldiers Never Die Gene Autry
8 On Top of Old Smoky The Weavers and Terry Gilkyson
4 Poison Love Johnnie & Jack
7 Shine, Shave, Shower (It's Saturday) Lefty Frizzell
7 Sick, Sober and Sorry Johnny Bond
2 Somebody's Been Beating My Time Eddy Arnold
4 Something Old, Something New Eddy Arnold
10 Sparrow in the Treetop Rex Allen
5 The Strange Little Girl Cowboy Copas
9 The Strange Little Girl Red Foley and Ernest Tubb
9 The Strange Little Girl Tennessee Ernie Ford
8 Tailor Made Woman Tennessee Ernie Ford and Joe "Fingers" Carr
2 Tennessee Waltz Patti Page
6 Tennessee Waltz Pee Wee King
5 (There'll Be) Peace in the Valley (For Me) Red Foley
6 Travelin' Blues Lefty Frizzell
6 Unwanted Sign Upon Your Heart Hank Snow
7 When You and I Were Young, Maggie Blues Margaret Whiting and Jimmy Wakely
 Hank Williams Sr - Cold Cold Heart
 Lonesome Whistle-Hank Williams

My Heart Cries For You - Jimmy Wakely



This recipe was found in a Remembrance Magazine Ad.
Cook time: 1 Hr 5 Min  Prep time: 10 Min  
1 square bakers chocolate (unsweetened) and melted.
2 Tbsp water
1 Tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp baking soda
2 c sifted cake flour
1-1/2 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp salt
1/3 c shortening
1 c sugar
1 egg.....unbeaten
1 c minus 2 tablespoons of milk..
1 tsp vanilla
1. Combine melted chocolate,1 Tab. sugar,water and baking soda. Blend. Set aside and cool. Sift flour add baking powder and salt...sift 3 times. Set aside. Cream shortening add sugar gradually, cream together..till fluffy. Add egg and blend thoroughly..
2. Add flour alternately with milk,a little bit at a time, beating the shortening mixture,till smooth. Add vanilla and mix. Add 1/3 of this mixture to the chocolate mixture...mix throughly.
3. Use a 10x5x3 inch loaf pan, which has been lined on the bottom with paper.(A baking paper) Put large spoonfulls of batter into baking pan. Alternating.. the chocolate and white batter.
4. WITH A KNIFE. Cut through the batter once in a wide zig zag pattern. Bake in a 350F pre-heated oven...1hour & 5 min. Or till done. Spread with chocolate frosting...if you like. Recipe for melting chocolate and frosting is on the Bakers Chocolate package. NOTE: I used semi-sweet Bakers Chocolate. And sprinkled with powdered sugar when cake was turned out and cooled, on top only.

“Remember, the important thing on this job is always to get the right address.”
 December 15, 1951