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Good Morning, Class of '64

When 1949 rolled around we were two, almost two or on our way to being three years old. We'd been walking for awhile, and we were probably climbing wherever we could get a foothold. We had some favorite foods, and when we smiled a few teeth were showing. Our family, and where they took us and who they introduced us to was still the biggest part of our life. Events were occurring in the world outside our small circle, but we had no awareness, yet. We'd have to learn about 1949 through film, print and good story tellers.

Jan 10th - 1st Jewish family show "Goldbergs" premieres on CBS
Jan 10th - RCA introduces 45 RPM record
Jan 11th - Snowfall 1st recorded in Los Angeles
Jan 21st - 1st inaugural parade televised (Harry Truman)
Feb 7th - Joe DiMaggio becomes 1st $100,000/year baseball player (NY Yankees)
Feb 26th - USAF plane began 1st nonstop around-the-world flight
Mar 2nd - 1st automatic street light (New Milford, Ct)
Mar 19th - 1st museum devoted exclusively to atomic energy, Oak Ridge, Tn
Mar 31st - Newfoundland becomes Canada's 10th province
 Apr 4th - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) treaty signed (Wash DC)
Apr 18th - Republic of Ireland withdraws from British Commonwealth
May 3rd - 1st firing of a US Viking rocket; reached 80 km
May 11th - 1st Polaroid camera sold $89.95 (NYC)
May 11th - By a vote of 37-12, Israel becomes 59th member of UN
May 11th - Siam renames itself Thailand
May 14th - Harry Truman signs bill establishing a rocket test range at Cape Canaveral
May 17th - British government recognizes Republic of Ireland
May 27th - Russian stop train traffic West-Berlin
Jun 3rd - 1st negro to graduate from US Naval Academy (Wesley Anthony Brown)
Jun 9th - Mrs Georgia Neese Clark of Kansas becomes 1st woman treasurer of US
Jun 14th - State of Vietnam forms, Bao Dai installed as Emperor
Jun 23rd - 1st 12 women graduate from Harvard Medical School
Jun 24th - "Hopalong Cassidy" becomes 1st network western (NBC)
Jun 29th - South Africa begins implementing apartheid; no mixed marriages
Jul 13th - Pope Pius XII excommunicates communist catholics
Jul 27th - 1st jet-propelled airline (De Havilland Comet) flies
Jul 29th - Airlift in West-Germany to West-Berlin ends
Jul 29th - BBC radio begins broadcasting
Aug 10th - Natl Military Establishment renamed Dept of Aug 24th - North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) goes into effectDefense
Aug 28th - Riot prevents Paul Robeson from singing near Peekskill NY
Aug 29th - USSR explodes its 1st atomic bomb
Sep 2nd - Fire in riverfront area kills 1,700 (Chungking China)
Sep 21st - Federal Republic of [West] Germany created under 3-power occupation
Sep 30th - Berlin Airlift ends after 277,000 flights
Oct 1st - People's Rep of China proclaimed by Mao Tse-tung (National Day)
Oct 3rd - WERD, 1st black-owned radio station, opens in Atlanta
Oct 15th - Billy Graham begins his ministry
Oct 26th - President Harry Truman increases minimum wage from 40 cents to 75 cents
Nov 19th - Prince Rainier III coronation as 30th ruling Prince of Monaco
Nov 20th - Jewish population of Israel reaches 1,000,000
Nov 24th - Britain nationalizes its steel & iron industry
Nov 25th - "Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer" appears on music charts
Nov 29th - Nationalist regime of China leaves for Taiwan/Formosa
Nov 29th - Uranium mine explosions in East Germany kills 3,700
Dec 7th - Chiang Kai-shek flees to Taiwan
Dec 21st - Dutch 1st Chamber accept soeveregnty of Indonesia
Dec 27th - Queen Juliana of the Netherlands grants independence to Indonesia
Dec 28th - 20th Century Fox announces it would produce TV programs
Silly Putty, Candy Land, Kewpie dolls, Cootie, Clue, Bouncing Putty, Wind-up Clacking "Talking Teeth"
Winston Churchill
Test your knowledge of the events of 1949. The questions cover a wide range of topics (politics, entertainment, sports, science, etc).
How Much things cost in 1949 
Yearly Inflation Rate U.S.A. -0.95% UK 2.6%
Average Cost of new house $7,450.00  
Average wages per year $2,950.00 
  Cost of a gallon of Gas 17 cents 
  Average Cost of a new car $1,420.00 
  Minimum Hourly Wage Rate 70 cents per hour 
Bacon per pound 50 cents  
Dobbs Hat $8.50 
 Kitchen Table and Chairs $100.00 
Born This Year
Jeff Bridges December 4th
Lionel Richie June 20th
Bruce Springsteen September 23rd
John Belushi February 4th -- Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Jessica Lange April 20th -- Cloquet, Minnesota, U.S.
Meryl Streep June 22nd -- Summit, New Jersey, U.S.
Vera Wang June 27th -- New York, New York, U.S.
Sigourney Weaver October 8th -- Manhattan, New York, U.S.

Year in Review: 1949

 "Pyramid clubs" in which participants send each other money in hopes of receiving large amounts of money themselves, become a fad.


 Audie Murphy--What's My Line, 1955




Popular Songs 1949
1. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky - Vaughn Monroe
2. Mule Train - Frankie Laine
3. "A" You're Adorable (the Alphabet Song) - Perry Como
4. You're Breaking My Heart - Vic Damone
5. I've Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts - Freddy Martin
6. Some Enchanted Evening - Perry Como
7. A Little Bird Told Me - Evelyn Knight
8. Cruisin' Down the River - Russ Morgan
9. Baby, It's Cold Outside - Dinah Shore & Buddy Clark
10. That Lucky Old Sun - Frankie Laine
11. I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts - Freddy Martin
12. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Gene Autry
13. Baby, It's Cold Outside - Margaret Whiting & Johnny Mercer
14. Cruisin' Down the River - Blue Barron
15. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) - Vaughn Monroe
16. Forever and Ever - Russ Morgan
17. Dear Hearts & Gentle People - Bing Crosby
18. Bamboo - Vaughn Monroe
19. My Darling, My Darling - Jo Stafford & Gordon MacRae
20. Dear Hearts & Gentle People - Dinah Shore
21. Powder Your Face With Sunshine - Evelyn Knight
22. For You My Love - Larry Darnell
23. She Wore A Yellow Ribbon - Eddie "Piano" Miller
24. Beans and Corn Bread - Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five
25. Slippin' Around - Margaret Whiting & Jimmy Wakely
26. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm - Les Brown
27. Buttons and Bows - Dinah Shore
28. The Huckle-Buck - Paul Williams and His Hucklebuckers
29. All She Wants To Do Is Rock - Wynonie Harris
30. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You) - Mills Brothers
31. Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly) - Dinah Shore
32. Roomin' House Boogie - Amos Milburn
33. Far Away Places - Perry Como
34. Saturday Night Fish Fry - Louis Jordan and his Tympany Five
35. Ain't Nobody's Business - Jimmy Witherspoon
36. Trouble Blues - Charles Brown Trio
37. A Dreamer's Holiday - Perry Como
38. Deep In the Heart of Texas - Bing Crosby
39. Careless Hands - Mel Torme
40. You're Breaking My Heart - The Ink Spots
 100 Greatest Songs From 1949
1949 Billboard Top 30 Songs

CARELESS HANDS  Mel Torme 1949

Free Oldies Jukebox
Country Music Hits Channel
Number one hits
(As certified by Billboard magazine)
June 18 - "One Kiss Too Many" - Eddy Arnold
September 24 - "Slipping Around" - Ernest Tubb
December 10 - "Mule Train" - Tennessee Ernie Ford
Other major hits
"Anticipation Blues" — Tennessee Ernie Ford
"Blue Skirt Waltz" — Frank Yankovic
"C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S" — Eddy Arnold
"Country Boy" — Little Jimmy Dickens
"Cry Baby Heart" — George Morgan
"Death Of Kathy Fiscus" — Jimmy Osborne
"Echo Of Your Footsteps" — Eddy Arnold
"I Never See Maggie Alone" — Kenny Roberts
"I'm Bitin' My Fingernails" — Ernest Tubb and the Andrews Sisters
"My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" — Hank Williams
"Panhandle Rag" — Leon McAuliffe
"Room Full of Roses" – George Morgan
"Riders In The Sky" — Vaughn Monroe
"Smokey Mountain Boogie" — Tennessee Ernie Ford
"Take An Old Cold Tater And Wait" — Little Jimmy Dickens
"Tennessee Border" — Red Foley
"Tennessee Border #2" — Red Foley and Ernest Tubb
"There's Not A Thing" — Eddy Arnold
"Warm Red Wine" — Ernest Tubb
"Wedding Bells" — Hank Williams
"Whoa Sailor" — Hank Thompson
"Please Don't Let Me Love You — George Morgan
"Tennessee Polka" Red Foley
"Slipping Around" Floyd Tillman
"Will Santa Come To Shanty Town" — Eddy Arnold
"You're Gonna Change" — Hank Williams
"Mind Your Own Business" Hank Williams
"Tennessee Waltz" - Roy Acuff
"Candy Kisses" Eltom Britt
recorded Aug 8,1949

Tennessee Ernie Ford - "Smoky Mountain Boogie" 




2-3 green tomatoes
1 can(s) undiluted evaporated milk
quick cooking rolled oats
salt & pepper
oil for cooking....( she used bacon grease)
1. Wash and slice the firm green tomatoes, about 1/2 inch thick. Dip slices into milk, rub oats with your hands to make them fine. (take your ring off, and have clean nails!)
2. FRY slowly in the hot oil until lightly browned and tender. Turn only once. Drain on a paper towel, salt & pepper.

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