Thursday, July 3, 2014


Good Morning, Class of '64
 photo 800px-Blackwater-canyon-autumn-trees_-_West_Virginia_-_ForestWander_zps0920695d.jpg
Blackwater Canyon -
Those green Davey tree trimming trucks were out and about early this morning, slowing traffic and bouncing along the same narrow, twisting back road on which my vehicle bounced. Other times they've been seen parked in the Walmart parking lot.

Were the summer months big tree trimming months back in the fifties and early sixties? Memory doesn't hold an image of a tree trimming truck. Did the power company trim the trees? Maybe one of you will remember.

Do any special trees come to 
mind from the days of your youth? 
  • I remember the huge willow that stood at the side of the yard and whose low sweeping branches drug the ground.
  • I remember the yellow transparent apple tree across the road in a neighbor's yard that scented their garden with fresh, apple sweetness and bore delicious fruit in July. I remember climbing the tree and the buzzing bees, too.
  • I remember another apple tree with a different sweet smell in the curve at the corner on the upper street where a friend lived. The apples came later in the season and were huge and green.
  • Still more apple trees, lending more sweetness to the air, grew out the road in an older neighbor's yard. The memory brings to mind a very old lady, quite petite, with white loose-bunned hair that wisped about her face and who spoke with a smile on her face.
  • I remember the magnificent oak that stood at the boundary of the grade school yard where we gathered to play at recess time.
We were surrounded by trees, up and down the valley. They are forever a part of us. A hillside covered with trees greeted us each day when we walked out the door. On every back road and in just about every yard, there were trees.

 photo cathedral_zps1ad9378d.jpg  
Cathedral State Park
 Cathedral State Park is an ancient hemlock forest. 
It is one of the last of the virgin hemlock forests 
which flourished in the Appalachian highlands. 
In the park trees up to 90 feet in height and 
21 feet in circumference can be seen.
Cathedral State Park consists of 133 acres, 
located on Route 50, in Preston County 
in Northeastern, West Virginia.
The park was designated a 
National Natural Landmark in 1965.
 photo 1_zpsbf2a92ca.jpg
Trees in Cathedral State Park - Kent Mason
 photo tree_zps15657a50.jpg
Trees in Cathedral State Park - Kent Mason
 photo 2_zps4b741db7.jpg
Trees in Cathedral State Park - Kent Mason
Digital BrochureCathedral State Park

 Up and Down the Valley

 photo Weeping-Willow-5jpgCLAUDEMONET_zps7322ddb4.jpg
Willow - Claude Monet

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  1. I remember our neighbor Mr. Jim Shannon ,he had the best apple trees..Early harvest and an big green apple we called winter apples they were so good.jmc