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Announcing an Expertly Guided 
Grand Tour of Ware's Ridge

Expert Guide
Larry See

 See the sights mentioned in Larry's book "How We Got By".
Excerpts from his book have been posted on this blog.

If interested in the tour call Larry at

The tour will meet at the 
Valley Head School at 
10:30am on August 15.

The tour is that famous place known as Ware's Ridge so beautifully described in that famous book called "How We Got By" by your classmate Larry See. (If you can read that with a straight face, you're a lot better poker player than the one who wrote it!)

Seriously, a few people have expressed an interest in seeing Ware's Ridge. If anyone would like to see it, Larry will be glad to show you around before the reunion.

Major attractions include the house where Larry's grandfather had his general store and grain mill. That's where he lost his shirt and had to move to the mountain. 

You will also see the sites of two one room school buildings. Larry, Karen Spencer, Edsel Riggleman and Don Ware all matriculated a year or two in one of them. The sites are very impressive, if you like brush.

You will see the place where F.E. "June" Runner went down on his knees in the creek to try to keep a casket from begin dropped into the water. With a vivid imagination you can almost "see" the house and foot bridge there.

You'll see the place where Larry was born and grew up. Sadly, the historical marker is not yet installed. Again, very impressive, if you like brush and briars.

You'll see where the grape arbors were, the ones that Larry stole grapes from while walking home from the school bus. Sweetest grapes he ever tasted - perhaps because they were stolen?

You'll see the place where Larry was attacked by a rabid fox on June 20, 1963. Another very impressive crop of brush.

You will see the most consistent crop ever raised on that farm - a big old pile of rocks picked from the fields.

You'll see the ridge covered with "beanie" rocks, rocks formed by the surf on an ancient sea shore. Might even be able to get a souvenir beanie rock (if we don't get caught!)

In short, you will see a lot of places where school houses, houses, and barns once stood. The only thing that looks like it did 50 years ago is the cemetery. It is a beautiful, well maintained cemetery.

If anyone is interested, call me at 304-435-4765.
We'll meet in front fo the Valley Head School at 10:30am on August 15. 

The only walking will be looking at the cemetery. (If anyone wants to walk a half mile or so, you can see the place where Larry missed a huge whitetail buck, 5 times, at 45 yards. His shots topped several trees, starting a promising career as a tree trimmer.) 

If no on calls, the Grand Tour will be canceled due to underwhelming interest. You will just have to catch it in the television documentary or the Hollywood movie which should happen very soon, at least as soon as the book is published, that is if any publisher can be persuaded to publish it.

On second thought, if you want to see Ware's Ridge, you probably shouldn't wait for the movie!

Ware's Ridge Farm
Home of Ralph & Betty Ware
Above Valley Head, WV
on Logan Run
(Ware Family & Friend's Reunion
Sunday, Labor Day Weekend)

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