Monday, March 10, 2014


Good Morning, Class of ‘64

Snow on the Ridge - Valley Head, WV - Grey Darden (watercolor)

Bleak Weather

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Dear love, where the red lillies blossomed and grew,
The white snows are falling;
And all through the wood, where I wandered with you,
The loud winds are calling;
And the robin that piped to us tune upon tune,
Neath the elm—you remember,
Over tree-top and mountain has followed the June,
And left us—December.

Has left, like a friend that is true in the sun,
And false in the shadows.
He has found new delights, in the land where he's gone,
Greener woodlands and meadows.
What care we? let him go! let the snow shroud the lea,
Let it drift on the heather!
We can sing through it all; I have you—you have me,
And we’ll laugh at the weather.

The old year may die, and a new one be born
That is bleaker and colder;
But it cannot dismay us; we dare it—we scorn,
For love makes us bolder.
Ah Robin! sing loud on the far-distant lea,
Thou friend in fair weather;
But here is a song sung, that’s fuller of glee,
By two warm hearts together.

Have you heard the rumor that's been going around, that a March snowstorm might be in our future? Looking ahead at the ten day forecast, trying to dispel or confirm the rumor, it seems too farfetched to give it much attention. (A mistake that's often made.)

Outside the window, a few patches of snow still dot the ground from the last snowfall. The rain that is forecast for this week should wash that away in a jiffy. But, the weather can always be hashed over with nothing ever to be done about it except describe it in words or put it on canvas. 

Writers and artists have been interpreting the weather for years and they will do it till the end of time. Even a ridge in Valley Head, WV., a serendipitous find this morning, found an artist with a magical brush.

She lives two miles south of Valley Head, on Logan Run, and paints beautiful watercolors of the upper valley.  Talking with her this morning was a delightful pleasure.

You can find her paintings at:
Artists at Work
  in Elkins, West Virginia

Mike Sewock Salon
 in Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Grey Darden - Premium Artist

Watercolors by Grey
(Click to Enlarge)
Snow on Cornfield
Evening on the Tygart
Down by the Run
Windy Run
WV Back Road

Winter in the WV Mountains
Have You Heard
 Reached the Billboard magazine charts on December 27, 1952
 and lasted 14 weeks on the chart, peaking at #4. 
Have You Heard - Joni James - 1952
  Revived by The Duprees and became a hit again in 1963. 

 Released in January 1957 by Percy Faith
 Roger Williams — #22 on the Billboard charts (1957)
 The Angels — #14 on the Billboard charts as "'Til" (1961)
Till - The Lettermen


The Lettermen

Till the moon deserts the sky
Till all the seas run dry
Till then I'll worship you
Till the tropic sun grows [turns] cold
Till this young world grows old
My darling, I'll adore you

You are my reason to live
All I own I would give
Just to have you adore me

Till the rivers flow upstream
Till lovers cease to dream
Till then I'm yours, be mine


  1. Beautiful paintings!!!!! Jmc

  2. would like to have "Windy Run" "Down By the Run", too, though