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Good Morning, Class of ‘64
Gregory Frank Harris - Spring in the Valley - (Born in 1953)

I Want to Know
by John Drinkwater

I want to know why when I'm late
For school, they get into a state,
But if invited out to tea
I mustn't ever early be.

Why, if I'm eating nice and slow,
It's 'Slow-coach, hurry up, you know! '
But if I'm eating nice and quick,
It's 'Gobble-gobble, you'll be sick! '

Why, when I'm walking in the street
My clothes must always be complete,
While at the seaside I can call
It right with nothing on at all.

Why I must always go to bed
When other people don't instead,
And why I have to say good night
Always before I'm ready, quite.

Why seeds grow up instead of down,
Why six pence isn't half a crown,
Why kittens are so quickly cats,
And why the angels have no hats.

It seems, however hard they try,
That nobody can tell me why,
So I know really, I suppose,
As much as anybody knows.

It's 1953, and we're seated in second grade classrooms up and down the valley. Ten more years and we'll be Seniors in High School. For now, though, we sit in a semi-circle around our teacher, learning how to read. Except, maybe, for that first day back to school in the fall, when facing a new classroom and teacher gives us the jitters all over again, we're comfortable with the few hours we spend away from home. We've settled in for another year of learning and growing. The Pledge of Allegiance has been learned, and we recite it daily. By spring, our noggins will be full of new knowledge and information. We'll know "as much as anybody knows", or at least most any other group of second graders in the United States of America.


 Korean War ends after three years 

and one month.


Jan 7th - Pres Harry Truman announces development of hydrogen bomb
Jan 13th - Marshal Josip Tito chosen president of Yugoslavia
Jan 20th - 1st live coast-to-coast inauguration address (Eisenhower)
Jan 29th - 1st movie in Cinemascope (The Robe) premieres

Feb 1st - "You Are There" with Walter Cronkite premieres on CBS television
Feb 11th - Pres Eisenhower refuses clemency appeal for Rosenberg couple
Feb 19th - Georgia approves US 1st literature censorship board
Feb 21st - F Crick & J Watson discover structure of DNA-molecule

Mar 1st - Joseph Stalin suffers a stroke and collapses. He dies four days later.
Mar 11th - 1st woman army doctor commissioned (FM Adams)
Mar 26th - Dr Jonas Salk announces vaccine to prevent polio[myelitis]
Mar 31st - Department of Health, Education & Welfare established

Apr 7th - 1st west-to-east jet transatlantic nonstop flight Apr 9th - "TV Guide" publishes 1st issue
Apr 9th - Warner Brothers premieres the first 3-D film, entitled House of Wax.
Apr 24th - Winston Churchill knighted by Queen Elizabeth II
Apr 25th - Scientists identify DNA
Apr 30th - Little-Bigger League changes its name to Babe Ruth League

May 2nd - Feisal II installed as king of Iraq
May 2nd - Hussein I installed as king of Jordan
May 18th - Jacqueline Cochran is 1st woman to break the sound barrier
May 29th - Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay are 1st to reach the summit of Mount Everest

Jun 2nd - Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey London
Jun 3rd - Alexander Cartwright officially credited by U.S. Congress as founder of baseball
Jun 7th - Mary Terrell wins struggle to end segregation in Wash DC restaurants
Jun 14th - Elvis Presley graduates from LC Humes High School in Memphis Tenn
Jun 17th - Riots in East Germany for reunification

Jul 8th - US stops aid to Persia
Jul 26th - Fidel Castro begins rebellion, the "26th of July Movement," against Fulgenico Batista's regime
Jul 26th - Arizona Governor John Howard Pyle orders an anti-polygamy law enforcement crackdown on residents of Short Creek, Arizona, which becomes known as the Short Creek Raid.
Jul 27th - North Korea & UN sign armistice

 Aug 4th - Black families move into Trumbull Park housing project in Chicago
Aug 5th - Operation "Big Switch" Korean War prisoner exchanged at Panmunjom
Aug 12th - Ann Davison arrives in Miami, becoming the 1st woman to sail solo across the Atlantic
Aug 13th - 4-5 million French go on strike against economizations
Aug 17th - Addiction: First meeting of Narcotics Anonymous in Southern California.
Aug 20th - Russia publicly acknowledges hydrogen bomb test detonation

Sep 5th - 1st privately operated atomic reactor-Raleigh NC
Sep 10th - Swanson sells it's 1st "TV dinner"
Sep 14th - Nikita Khrushchev appointed First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, succeeding Malenkov
Sep 17th - 1st successful separation of Siamese (conjoined) twins
Sep 21st - Allied forces form West Germany
Sep 29th - "Make Room for Daddy," starring Danny Thomas, premieres on ABC-TV

Oct 8th - Birmingham Alabama, bars Jackie Robinson's Negro-White All-Stars from playing there Robinson gives in & drops white players from his group
Oct 18th - Willie Thrower becomes 1st black NFL quarterback in modern times
Oct 19th - 1st jet transcontinental nonstop scheduled service
Oct 19th - Singer Julius LaRosa is fired on TV by Arthur Godfrey

Nov 2nd - Pakistan becomes islamic republic
Nov 3rd - 1st live color coast-to-coast telecast (NYC)
Nov 12th - US district Judge Grim, rules NFL can black out TV home games
Nov 21st - "Pitdown Man," discovered in 1912 proved to be a hoax

Dec 3rd - Eisenhower criticizes McCarthy for saying communists are in the Republican Party
Dec 9th - General Electric announces all Communist employees will be fired
Dec 12th - Chuck Yeager reaches Mach 2.43 in Bell X-1A rocket plane
Dec 16th - 1st White House Press Conference (Pres Eisenhower & 161 reporters)

 TIME’s Man of the Year
Konrad Adenauer 

West Germany's first chancellor and a key figure in rebuilding the country after World War Two.

Quotes by Konrad Adenaur

Only the stupidest calves choose their own butcher.

The art of politics consists in knowing precisely when it is necessary to hit an opponent slightly below the belt.

The rare case where the conquered is very satisfied with the conqueror.

All parts of the human body get tired eventually except for the tongue.


Jun 18th - Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. (24) marries fellow activist and singer Coretta Scott (26)

Sep 12th - Senator John F. Kennedy (36) weds Jacqueline Bouvier (24) in Newport, Rhode Island

Jan 1st - Hank Williams, country singer (Cold Cold Heart), dies at 29

Mar 5th - Joseph Stalin, Premier of the Soviet Union (1941-53), dies at 73

The first color television went on sale for about $1,175.

71.1 percent of all television sets in the United States tuned in to I Love Lucy to watch Lucy give birth on January 19, 1953.

Hugh Hefner publishes the first issue of Playboy magazine in the United States, featuring a centerfold nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe


The average house cost: approx. $17,400

The average car cost: approx. $1,800

The average wage: approx. $3,750

Cost of groceries:

Gallon of milk: $.94

Loaf of bread: $.16

Dozen eggs: $.72

Postage stamp: $.03










26th Academy Awards (honored the best films of 1953) winners:

Best Motion Picture: 

From Here to Eternity

Best Director:

Fred Zinnemann From Here to Eternity

Best Actor:  

William Holden -- Stalag 17

Best Actress:  

Audrey Hepburn -- Roman Holiday

Best Supporting Actor: 

Frank Sinatra -- From Here to Eternity

Best Supporting Actress: 

Donna Reed -- From Here to Eternity

Best Animated Short Film:  

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and BoomWalt Disney 


The Hitch-Hiker (1953) Full Movie
A film noir directed by Ida Lupino about two fishing buddies
 who pick up a mysterious hitchhiker during a trip to Mexico.
Regarded as the first American mainstream
 film noir directed by a woman.
In 1998, The Hitch-Hiker was selected for preservation 
in the United States National Film Registry as being
 "culturally, historically or aesthetically significant."


1. That's Amore - Dean Martin
2. Your Cheatin' Heart - Hank Williams
3. Vaya Con Dios - Les Paul & Mary Ford
4. Song From Moulin Rouge - Percy Faith
5. Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes - Perry Como
6. I'm Walking Behind You - Eddie Fisher
7. Crying In The Chapel - The Orioles
8. I Believe - Frankie Laine
9. The Doggie In The Window - Patti Page
10. Stranger In Paradise - Tony Bennett
11. Dragnet - Ray Anthony & His Orchestra
12. You Belong To Me - Jo Stafford
13. St. George and the Dragonette - Stan Freberg
 14. Til I Waltz Again with You - Teresa Brewer
15. You You You - Ames Brothers
16. April In Portugal - Les Baxter
17. Changing Partners - Patti Page
18. Eh! Cumpari - Julius LaRosa
19. The Gang That Sang "Heart Of My Heart" - The Four Aces
20. Rags To Riches - Tony Bennett
21. No Other Love - Perry Como
22. Hound Dog - Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton
23. I've Got The World On A String - Frank Sinatra
24. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) - The Four Lads
25. Ricochet - Teresa Brewer
26. (Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean –
 Ruth Brown
27. Have You Heard - Joni James
28. Pretend - Nat King Cole
29. Shake A Hand - Faye Adams
30. Side By Side - Kay Starr
31. Your Cheatin' Heart - Joni James
32. South Of The Border - Frank Sinatra
33. Outside of Heaven - Eddie Fisher
34. Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo - Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer
35. The Typewriter - Leroy Anderson & His Orchestra
36. Half a Photograph - Kay Starr
37. The Jones Boy - The Mills Brothers
38. The Clock - Johnny Ace
39. Crazy Man Crazy - Bill Haley & His Comets
40. Good Lovin' - The Clovers

 I Believe
Became the first hit song 
to be introduced on television.
I Believe - Frankie Laine - 1953
Country Music
 Midnight                                                  Red Foley

I'll Go On Alone                                      Marty Robbins

I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive   Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys

No Help Wanted                                      The Carlisles

Eddy's Song                                             Eddy Arnold

I Let the Stars Get In My Eyes               Goldie Hill

Kaw-Liga                                                 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys

Your Cheatin' Heart                                 Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys

Mexican Joe                                             Jim Reeves

Take These Chains from My Heart          Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys

It's Been So Long                                    Webb Pierce

Rub-a-Dub-Dub                                       Hank Thompson and His Brazo Valley Boys

Hey Joe                                                    Carl Smith

A Dear John Letter                                  Ferlin Husky and Jean Shepard

I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know   The Davis Sisters

There Stands the Glass                            Webb Pierce

Caribbean                                                 Mitchell Torok

Let Me Be the One                                  Hank Locklin

Take These Chains from My Heart

  The last of Hank Williams' country number-one hits.

Take These Chains From My Heart - H 


Most popular TV shows:
  1. I Love Lucy (CBS)
  2. Dragnet (NBC)
  3. Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts (CBS)
  4. You Bet Your Life (NBC)
  5. The Milton Berle Show (NBC)
  6. Arthur Godfrey and his Friends (CBS)
  7. Ford Theatre (NBC)
  8. The Jackie Gleason Show ((CBS)
  9. Fireside Theatre (NBC)
  10. The Colgate Comedy hour (NBC)
Dragnet - The Big Will
November 12, 1953 
(Complete) Public Domain


From the April 1953 edition of Household magazine.

Easter Glory Cake


Have ingredients at room temperature.

Line bottoms of 2 deep 8-inch layer cake pans with paper & grease, or use a 9x13 pan. Preheat oven to moderate heat, 375 degrees F.

Sift flour once before measuring.
Lift by spoonfuls into the cup until piled high.

Level off by drawing a straight edge across the top.

Do not shake down.

Measure into sifter:

2 1/2 cups sifted cake flour

3 teaspoons double-acting baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1 ½ cup sugar

Measure into mixing bowl:

1/2 cup shortening.

Measure into cup:


(With butter, margarine or lard, use 1 c. minus 2 tbsp. milk);

(With vegetable or any other shortening use 1 cup milk)

1 teaspoon vanilla.

2 eggs, unbeaten


Stir shortening to soften.

Sift in dry ingredients.

Add milk and mix until all flour is dampened.

Beat 300 strokes by hand or 2 minutes in mixer.
Add eggs and beat 150 strokes or 1 minute with mixer.

Mix cake by hand or at low speed of electric mixer.

Scrape bowl and spoon or beater often.

Turn into pans.

Bake in moderate oven (375 degrees F.) 25 minutes or until done.

Cool in pans on cake racks 5 minutes.

Loosen from sides with spatula, turn out, remove paper and turn right-side up on racks to cool before frosting.

Spread 7-minute frosting, or your favorite butter cream, between layers and on sides and top of cake. Sprinkle cake with coconut and decorate with jelly beans.

“It's OK to look back at the past – just don't stare at it”


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