Thursday, June 19, 2014


Good Morning, Class of '64
Sunny Williams

It's an out-and-about day, today.
A haircut, first of all, then,
Maybe there will be a yard sale 
along the way
to stop and browse,
If rain doesn't spoil the seller's plans.
The thrift stores might hold some special
treasure to be carted home.
Next, a visit to Walmart and, probably, Lowe's
before heading back home.
There could be a detour or two.
Being out and about
doesn't have a set plan all the time
when being out-and-about is the goal.

Where do out-and-abouts take you? 

Growing up in the valley, out-and-abouts most likely took us to downtown Elkins. There were no shopping centers or large malls, back then. And we probably never thought of calling those trips out-and-abouts. We were goin' shoppin or just goin' to town.

Did your trips to town have a special name?

Sunny Side of the Street

Keely Smith

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