Friday, June 6, 2014


Good Morning, Class of '64 
The Old Tygarts Valley High School Building
The Old Tygarts Valley High School Building
Did you ever learn the words to the 
Alma Mater while you were in school?
Some people say that "Alma Mater" should 
only be used for a college or university - to 
do otherwise is being "pretentious". Had it 
ever entered your mind that we were being 
"pretentious" when we sang our alma mater?
Were the adults who taught us these words 
encouraging us to be "pretentious"?

adjective \pri-ˈten(t)-shəs\
: having or showing the unpleasant quality 
of people who want to be regarded as 
more impressive, successful, or important
than they really are

Alma Mater 
alma    "nourishing/kind"   
mater    "mother" 

1 :  a school, college, or university 
which one has attended or from 
which one has graduated
2 :  the song or hymn of a school, 
college, or university

Tygarts Valley High School Alma Mater
Close beside the Tygarts waters
Of historic fame
Stands our dear old Alma Mater
Glorious her name.
Nestled in a quiet hamlet,
Neath the azure blue,
Sends she forth her sons and daughters
Loyal loving true.
Fondly in our memories resting
Happy gladsome days
Still to thee dear Tygarts valley
Offer we our praise
Lift the chorus
Send it onward
Loud her praises ring
Hail to Thee
Dear Tygarts Valley
Hail all hail we sing

Cornell Alma Mater
(The tune to the
Tygarts Valley High School
Alma Mater)

Be True to Your School
Recorded on Monday, September 2, 1963
Charted at number 6 on the Billboard charts,
and number 4 in the UPI chart survey for
newspapers across the United States.
Beach Boys - 1963
Have you ever crossed
one of these bridges?

The Tygart Valley River Bridge 
 Constructed in 1900 by the 
Canton Bridge Company of 
Canton, Ohio. 

 Railroad Bridge over Tygarts Valley River 

New Bridge Over the Tygarts Valley

WM Durbin Sub crosses the Tygart Valley River -
Tygarts Valley River

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  1. I kept looking at that red bridge and then I seen the house in the back ground .It is at Don Bosco or across the road from it .Pretty picture!! jmc