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American Storytellers - Andy Thomas

April 17, 1964 (Friday)

Ford Mustang formally 
introduced ($2,368 base)

Jerrie Mock becomes 1st woman 
to fly solo around the world

Byron De La Beckwith is free 
after his second trial for
the murder of Medgar Evers 
ends with another hung jury.

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Our Grand Entrance - Andy Thomas

Cowboy Quotes from Movies 

A man’s got to have a code, a creed to live by. 
John Wayne
Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk too much. 
John Wayne
Well, I don't favor talkin' to vermin, 
but I'll talk to you just this once. 
Well, son, since you haven't learned 
to respect your elders, it's time 
you learned to respect your betters.  
Big Jake
Well, there are some things a man 
just can't run away from.

Sidekick Pancho & The Cisco Kid
 The Cisco Kid and Pancho looked and acted different from other TV cowboys, and their show was different, too. The Cisco Kid was an easy going kind of cowboy show, not serious all the time. It's doubtful anybody ever had nightmares from watching it. The two buddies rode in on their horses at a fast clip, but once their feet touched the ground, the pace of the show slowed down. The bad guys didn't appear to be monsters, they didn't scare you to death, and Cisco didn't fire his gun too much. Pancho's character lightened things up because, well, he was just funny.

We knew Cisco and Pancho were different, even if we didn't understand at the time that they were Spanish. (Family probably educated us.) Cisco spoke English with an accent, not like our accents, and Pancho used English like "Let's went, Ceesco" when it was time to go. They didn't dress like the other TV cowboys, either.

In every episode (156 of them) of The Cisco Kid, Cisco was dressed in a black cowboy suit with  much white embroidery. (On the older TV sets, it wasn't recognized as embroidery. It just looked white). His sidekick, Pancho, was dressed more commonly in a peasant type shirt, but his pants had a fancy cowboy look. They both wore guns around their hips and, of course, on their heads was the cowboy hat. Cisco's hat appeared to have braid of some type around the outer edge. Pancho's hat had a very wide brim. Cisco was handsome and very neatly dressed. Pancho was not so handsome and looked a bit untidy. 

At the end of each program there was a little joke that passed between Cisco and Pancho. Cisco would say with a big grin, "Ahh, Pancho", and Pancho would say with a big grin "Ahh, Ceesco", without actually laughing out loud at the joke. Then they would ride off on their horses into the western landscape looking for more wrongs to right.
Ahh, Pancho, Ahh Cisco, we enjoyed every minute of your show!

Here's Adventure! 
Here's Romance! 
Here's O'Henry's Famous 
Robin Hood of the Old West, 
The Cisco Kid!

Intro to The Cisco Kid

The Cisco Kid
Cisco Kid - Duncan Renaldo
Pancho - Leo Carrillo
Viewed by the poor as Robin Hood figures.
The first television series to be filmed in color. 
Few viewers saw it in color until the 1960s.
Central character was created by American 
short story author O. Henry in "The Caballero's Way"
The Cisco Kid is depicted as a 
heroic Mexican caballero, 
In the original story, 
the Kid is non-Hispanic 
and a vicious outlaw.
Nominated in 1953 for an Emmy Award 
for children's programming. 
By 1955 it was the most popular 
filmed television series 
among American children. 
Pancho & Cisco
Big Switch
Free Public Domain
Episode 4 - Season 1
September 26, 1950

Cisco & Pancho
Robber Crow
Full Episode
Season 2, Episode 19
January 15, 1952
Pancho & Cisco
Full Movie
The Gay Amigo 
Cowboy Boots - Antonio Lopez Garcia
 Will Rogers Quotes

Even if you are on the right track,
 you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

Never miss a good chance to shut up.

Too many people spend money they earned..
to buy things they don't want..
to impress people that they don't like. 

Why not go out on a limb? 
That's where the fruit is.

There are three kinds of men. 
The ones that learn by readin’. 
The few who learn by observation.
 The rest of them have to pee on 
the electric fence for themselves. 

Diplomacy is the art of saying ‘nice doggie’
 until you can find a rock.

We can't all be heroes because 
somebody has to sit on the curb 
and clap as they go by.

A Great View - Craig Tennant

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